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||  81  ||
AMimRqu hir pIvqy sdw iQru QIvqy ibKY bnu PIkw jwinAw
AMimRqu hir pIvqy sdw iQru QIvqy ibKY bnu PIkw jwinAw ]
They drink in the Lord`s Ambrosial Nectar, and become eternally stable. They know that the water of corruption is insipid and tasteless.
amrit har peevtay sadaa thir theevtay bikhai ban feekaa jaani-aa.
Bey ikrpwl gopwl pRB myry swDsMgiq iniD mwinAw ]
When my God, the Lord of the Universe became merciful, I came to look upon the Saadh Sangat as the treasure.
bha-ay kirpaal gopaal parabh mayray saaDhsangat niDh maani-aa.
srbso sUK Awnd Gn ipAwry hir rqnu mn AMqir sIvqy ]
All pleasures and supreme ecstasy, O my Beloved, come to those who sew the Jewel of the Lord into their minds.
sarbaso sookh aanand ghan pi-aaray har ratan man antar seevtay.
ieku iqlu nhI ivsrY pRwn AwDwrw jip jip nwnk jIvqy ]3]
They do not forget, even for an instant, the Support of the breath of life. They live by constantly meditating on Him, O Nanak. ||3||
ik til nahee visrai paraan aaDhaaraa jap jap naanak jeevtay. ||3||
fKxw ]
jo qau kIny Awpxy iqnw kUM imilEih ]
O Lord, You meet and merge with those whom you have made Your Own.
jo ta-o keenay aapnay tinaa kooN mili-ohi.
Awpy hI Awip moihEhu jsu nwnk Awip suixEih ]1]
You Yourself are entranced, O Nanak, hearing Your Own Praises. ||1||
aapay hee aap mohi-ohu jas naanak aap suni-ohi. ||1||
CMqu ]
pRym TgaurI pwie rIJwie goibMd mnu moihAw jIau ]
Administering the intoxicating drug of love, I have won over the Lord of the Universe; I have fascinated His Mind.
paraym thag-uree paa-ay reejhaa-ay gobind man mohi-aa jee-o.
sMqn kY prswid AgwiD kMTy lig soihAw jIau ]
By the Grace of the Saints, I am held in the loving embrace of the Unfathomable Lord, and I am entranced.
santan kai parsaad agaaDh kanthay lag sohi-aa jee-o.
hir kMiT lig soihAw doK siB joihAw Bgiq lKx kir vis Bey ]
Held in the Lord`s loving embrace, I look beautiful, and all my pains have been dispelled. By the loving worship of His devotees, the Lord has come under their power.
har kanth lag sohi-aa dokh sabh johi-aa bhagat lakh-yan kar vas bha-ay.
min srb suK vuTy goivd quTy jnm mrxw siB imit gey ]
All pleasures have come to dwell in the mind; the Lord of the Universe is pleased and appeased. Birth and death have been totally eliminated.
man sarab sukh vuthay govid tuthay janam marnaa sabh mit ga-ay.
sKI mMglo gwieAw ieC pujwieAw bhuiV n mwieAw hoihAw ]
O my companions, sing the Songs of Joy. My desires have been fulfilled, and I shall never again be trapped or shaken by Maya.
sakhee manglo gaa-i-aa ichh pujaa-i-aa bahurh na maa-i-aa hohi-aa.
kru gih lIny nwnk pRB ipAwry sMswru swgru nhI poihAw ]4]
Taking hold of my hand, O Nanak, my Beloved God will not let me be swallowed up by the world-ocean. ||4||
kar geh leenay naanak parabh pi-aaray sansaar saagar nahee pohi-aa. ||4||
fKxw ]
sweI nwmu Amolu kIm n koeI jwxdo ]
The Master`s Name is Priceless; no one knows its value.
saa-ee naam amol keem na ko-ee jaando.
ijnw Bwg mQwih sy nwnk hir rMgu mwxdo ]1]
Those who have good destiny recorded upon their foreheads, O Nanak, enjoy the Love of the Lord. ||1||
jinaa bhaag mathaahi say naanak har rang maando. ||1||
CMqu ]
khqy pivqR suxqy siB DMnu ilKqI kulu qwirAw jIau ]
Those who chant are sanctified. All those who listen are blessed, and those who write save their ancestors.
kahtay pavitar suntay sabh Dhan likh-teeN kul taari-aa jee-o.
ijn kau swDU sMgu nwm hir rMgu iqnI bRhmu bIcwirAw jIau ]
Those who join the Saadh Sangat are imbued with the Lord`s Love; they reflect and meditate on God.
jin ka-o saaDhoo sang naam har rang tinee barahm beechaari-aa jee-o.
bRhmu bIcwirAw jnmu svwirAw pUrn ikrpw pRiB krI ]
Contemplating God, their lives are reformed and redeemed; God has showered His Perfect Mercy upon them.
barahm beechaari-aa janam savaari-aa pooran kirpaa parabh karee.
kru gih lIny hir jso dIny join nw DwvY nh mrI ]
Taking them by the hand, the Lord has blessed them with His Praises. They no longer have to wander in reincarnation, and they never have to die.
kar geh leenay har jaso deenay jon naa Dhaavai nah maree.
siqgur dieAwl ikrpwl Bytq hry kwmu koDu loBu mwirAw ]
Through the Kind and Compassionate True Guru, I have met the Lord; I have conquered sexual desire, anger and greed.
satgur da-i-aal kirpaal bhaytat haray kaam kroDh lobh maari-aa.
kQnu n jwie AkQu suAwmI sdkY jwie nwnku vwirAw ]5]1]3]
Our Indescribable Lord and Master cannot be described. Nanak is devoted, forever a sacrifice to Him. ||5||1||3||
kathan na jaa-ay akath su-aamee sadkai jaa-ay naanak vaari-aa. ||5||1||3||
isrIrwgu mhlw 4 vxjwrw
Siree Raag, Fourth Mehl, Vanajaaraa ~ The Merchant:
sireeraag mehlaa 4 vanjaaraa
<> siq nwmu gur pRswid ]
One Universal Creator God. Truth Is The Name. By Guru`s Grace:
ik-oNkaar sat naam gur parsaad.
hir hir auqmu nwmu hY ijin isirAw sBu koie jIau ]
The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is Excellent and Sublime. He created everyone.
har har utam naam hai jin siri-aa sabh ko-ay jee-o.
hir jIA sBy pRiqpwldw Git Git rmeIAw soie ]
The Lord cherishes all beings. He permeates each and every heart.
har jee-a sabhay partipaaldaa ghat ghat rama-ee-aa so-ay.
so hir sdw iDAweIAY iqsu ibnu Avru n koie ]
Meditate forever on that Lord. Without Him, there is no other at all.
so har sadaa Dhi-aa-ee-ai tis bin avar na ko-ay.
jo moih mwieAw icqu lwiedy sy Coif cly duKu roie ]
Those who focus their consciousness on emotional attachment to Maya must leave; they depart crying out in despair.
jo mohi maa-i-aa chit laa-iday say chhod chalay dukh ro-ay.
jn nwnk nwmu iDAwieAw hir AMiq sKweI hoie ]1]
Servant Nanak meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, his only Companion in the end. ||1||
jan naanak naam Dhi-aa-i-aa har ant sakhaa-ee ho-ay. ||1||
mY hir ibnu Avru n koie ]
I have none other than You, O Lord.
mai har bin avar na ko-ay.
hir gur srxweI pweIAY vxjwirAw imqRw vfBwig prwpiq hoie ]1] rhwau ]
In the Guru`s Sanctuary, the Lord is found, O my merchant friend; by great good fortune, He is obtained. ||1||Pause||
har gur sarnaa-ee paa-ee-ai vanjaari-aa mitraa vadbhaag paraapat ho-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.

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